Stress Is Clouding My Writing

13 Nov

It has been awhile since I have written a post here. I apologize for that however, I am back!

For the past few months life has been a rollercoaster of events and emotions. While I was riding that rollercoaster my mind became a fog. My creativity seemed like it was buried deep, so deep that I couldn’t dig into it no matter what I did. Not sure if it will come back or if it’ll ever come back. One thing I do know is that this sudden loss of not being able to continue writing my fantasy/sci-fi novel scares me greatly. I look at my short notes, the little bit of research that I have done and really focusing on trying to grab that inspiration from movies or even me having conversations with my kids. My mind is blank, it just doesn’t want to imagine the next scene in my novel.

I have been thinking a lot about this issue I am having and I think part of the problem is when there is so much going on in my life there’s no room for creating. I need to find ways to clear my mind to make room for imagining the scenes that so desperately want to be written. Another problem, I think I have written about this before or maybe I posted it elsewhere, my kids, husband and several others demand so much of me that by the time I get a chance to write I am exhausted.

I think stress in our lives can really wreak havoc on our creativity and imagination, we can’t create when we are trying to solve serious issues. Writing our stories and novels should be one of our top priorities but when you have ten things that need to be at the utmost top priority that writing takes a back seat. If any of you are having the same problem I am I have one thing to say, we will get through it. Maybe not today, maybe even not next month but who knows maybe in a year that novel will be finished as you feverishly type for 20 hours a day without being able to stop.


Why Do You Like To Write?

3 Jul


I enjoy writing from prompts once in awhile. I found the following website which contained a few writing prompt lists this Carrie Elle~~Writing-Prompts I found a writing prompt “why do you write?” I figure it is fitting to include this in my blog for obvious reasons.

It is also a question for all of you. Why do you all like to write?

What I love about writing, especially fantasy, is my imagination has no boundaries. I can mix up my life experiences with fantasy characters and events. Writing stories takes me away from reality, takes me from life issues even for just a half hour.

We all need breaks from reality once in awhile either by doing yoga, meditating, playing video games or even fishing on a favorite lake. I use several of those examples to unwind and just escape. However, one of my favorites is working on my novel. It takes me wherever my heart desires.

I am not writing my book for the sole purpose of making millions. Just like with some singers out there who “just want to sing”. They don’t have any interest in record deals and making a ton of money. That is the way I feel. If I don’t make much, fine. If I make a lot, that’s fine too. All I want to do is write my book.

I also love that a-ha moment while writing, that excitement when I have a great idea for a scene. It is a feeling I cannot get with anything else besides writing. I am sure many of you can relate to that almost unexplainable feeling.

Blogging has also become my passion. Even though I just started March 2013 it has quickly become something I really get into. The thing that is bothering me the most about my blogs is that I haven’t had much time to post the past couple months. I miss getting to know the WordPress community and the many wonderful things blogging has to offer. On one of my blogs I actually wrote a post about not having enough time lately. If interested you can click here Time Really Isn’t On My Side

Photo by Carrie Elle:

What Time Of The Day Do You Write? Poll

25 Jun

I notice many authors have the most creativity and ideas at certain times of the day. My best time is early morning about a half hour after I wake and before everyone in the house wakes up. usually between the hours of 6:00-9:00.

I would love to know the best times for you all. please take a moment to vote below. also feel free to comment.

Finding Inspiration

16 Jun

Have you ever been stuck when writing a certain scene? It isn’t necessarily writers block, it is more like just not being able to get into detail about a scene.

I have recently discovered there really is inspiration everywhere. I had to really tune into my surroundings with most of my senses. Sight, sound and smells.

Some examples:

~~~ Neighbors a block away were having a karaoke party in their garage. Everyone could hear their not so good singing. This went on for close to 6 hours. Instead of letting it bother me I started thinking about my WIP and how I could use that horrible singing as a scene.

andrew prickett / / CC BY-ND

~~~ While fishing in a very remote location (with my hubby and brother in law) the small fish kept stealing my worm. I got annoyed after about four times of the thievery so I just sat in my blue fold up chair and enjoyed the quiet. I looked at the small waves in the water and the several groupings of cattails along the shore and I got an idea. Good thing I brought my cellphone because I had to get my idea recorded before they were forgotten.

balt-arts / / CC BY

~~~ Images on Pinterest have given me a lot of ideas. Castles, magical/fantasy beings and even photos of rooms inside homes. Those images would spark one idea then another would soon follow.

~~~ My emotions such as sadness, happiness and anger help to get some scenes written. My main character becomes more real. Like I have seen several times while reading writing advice/how to is that we pour ourselves into our books and become one with our characters. It is so very true! When we really tune into how we are feeling or if we dig deep into our memories we can find some fantastic ideas.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Photo credit: andrew prickett / / CC BY-ND
Photo credit: balt-arts / / CC BY

Interview With J.B. Turner

14 Jun


I would like to introduce you to J.B. Turner, author of upcoming book Hard Road which will be released July 30th 2013. You can also check out his website here and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Also for more information on his book you can go here to Exhibit A Book publisher. His upcoming book is available for pre-order on and


Can you give me a description of your upcoming book?

J.B.:Hard Road is a conspiracy thriller. The protagonist is an-special forces operative, Jon Reznick. Since his wife died on 9/11, he has worked hard to keep his shadowy world hidden from his eleven-year-old daughter. But when he’s ordered by his handler to assassinate a man in an exclusive Washington DC hotel, he discovers the target is not at all who he at first appears to be. He is quickly ensnared in a web of murder, extortion and treason, and he finds himself fighting to outwit not only the clandestine group intent on hunting him down, but also to evade capture by FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein. But it’s not only Reznick’s survival that’s at stake. A terrifying plot by a  foreign government to bring the United States to its knees is underway. And only Reznick can stop it.

How long have you been writing, as a hobby and as a professional? And what sparked your interest in writing?

J.B.: I’m an ex-journalist and have written news and feature articles for numerous years, and have been a full-time author since 2008. I loved English at school and my mother is a great reader. She devours books. And I think I take my love of words and fiction from her.

Have you self published anything in the past or published your works through traditional means?

J.B.:Never self published but I think the industry is changing and self publishing is a very attractive option for many new authors. It does mean that the marketing, editing, cover, publicity etc all have to come from the author, but I think a lot of new writers view that as a challenge.

Exhibit A is a brand new crime/thriller imprint and I was very fortunate that they snapped up World English Language Rights for Hard Road very quickly after it went out on submission from my agent.

Me: For more information on World English Language Rights you can go here. Which explains many different “rights” you can give your publisher. Highly informative with simplistic explanations.

What genre do you enjoy writing? And why?

J.B.:Thriller writing seems to come naturally. It’s taken years to get a publishing deal. But I can honestly say that delving into dark, fast-moving plots definitely gives me a buzz. Maybe it’s because I’m an ex-journalist who loves stories. Be it news, fluff features on celebrities, whatever. I’m interested and fascinated by people. I think that goes for most writers.

Me: I am quite interested and fascinated by people also. Curiosity to know how people tick is so strong. I also think it really does go for most writers.

What inspired you to write your book?

J.B.:Very good question, Kristy. It started with a simple notion: what if an assassin did not kill the man he had been sent to kill. And it got me thinking. The cogs in my head were moving. And then I read about a bizarre bio-experiment by the U.S. government in the 1960s – known as the Subway Experiment – trying to predict who is dangerous and widespread the dispersal of deadly bio-agents into an enclosed atmosphere.

My story centers on Reznick being sent to kill a man, unaware the man is a government scientist. His daughter is kidnapped as a punishment for not killing the man. And then he becomes embroiled in a deadly cat and mouse game with the kidnappers, heading down to get her in Miami. But all the time, a bio-plot by a foreign government is emerging, and he joins up with the Feds as not only his daughter but his country is in peril.

Thoughts about self-publishing vs traditional publishing?

J.B.:Whatever works for you. I can see the pros and cons of both sides. It is very difficult to get a traditional publisher interested in a new author. That is just a fact. And it will take years. It took me many years before I became a published author. But with the rise of the ebook and Kindle and Amazon, and the ease of uploading books to the Internet, a savvy and smart new author can circumvent the traditional model, albeit having to fork out money for an editor, book cover design, etc. Every writer is different, and it is surely up to the individual writer to decide what works best for them.

If an aspiring writer were to ask you for advice what would you tell them?

J.B.:Believe in yourself. First and foremost it all comes from something deep within a writer. But along the way, you’ve got to be prepared to take rejection. It takes years to learn to write.  You must read a lot. Read anything. Read genre. Read out of your genre. Read literary. Read classics. And read some good writing books. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers is terrific and so is the great Stephen King’s On Writing. Bottom line? You’ve got to dig in and if you believe you have a story to tell, then it’s not just a matter of tapping out any stuff that comes to mind. Think HOW you are going to write it.

From who’s point of view should you write it? In Hard Road I have four point of view characters. And the reader can enter their worlds and see their story develop. A writer needs to learn about thwarting desire. He/she needs to understand the importance of conflict in a book. But if you really still feel you have a book in you, then just do it. James Ellroy is a great plotter. And he is a master. Check out his books for conflict, setting, suspense and powerhouse writing.

What do you enjoy doing besides writing? Any hobbies or interests?

J.B.:A lot of people think my favorite hobby is staring out of windows. That’s only partially correct. I’m thinking, if you must know. But I like spending time with my family, reading (not surprisingly) and love films. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Heat, L.A. Confidential, Serpico, Payback, you get the picture. I also love music. Johnny Cash, The Beatles, The Kinks, Nirvana, The Fall, Joni Mitchell, bluegrass music.

I will be posting a review of Hard Road in the future along with links to purchase his novel when it is released. I am really looking forward to reading his book.

First Person vs Third Person

4 Jun
Steve took it / Water Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

With the first 15k words I wrote in my WIP ( possible title, The Other Side or Kora’s something, something. Unsure yet) it was in third person. For some reason it just didn’t feel right. You know when you are writing and your gut/instinct is telling you it isn’t right? That’s what I felt. I think third person isn’t a good fit for my novel.

Changing my book to the first person perspective made for many more creative ideas. I was really able to reflect in detail how my main character feels and what she thinks. I think this is a really good decision I made. It really helped with my on and off writer’s block.

.reid. / / CC BY

Now I have to change the first 15k words to first person but I suppose it is better than writing my whole first draft then deciding to change to her POV.

For those of you who don’t quite know the differences between all of the point of views here are descriptions. I tried to keep it simple. Short and sweet and straight to the point.

Talking/writing about myself. Or a character talking about themselves. Using “I”.

If I were to be talking to someone such as my husband using “you”. Most of the time this perspective isn’t used in writing. Of course there’s a few exceptions such as technical writing.

Using her, him, she or he when writing. For example, it would be the point of view from a narrator.

What POV/perspective do you enjoy using the most? I am interested in knowing your thoughts on this subject.

Photo credit: Steve took it / / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: .reid. / / CC BY

No Tears…

30 May
US GOV / / Public Domain Mark 1.0

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” – Robert Frost

To feel something while reading is one of the things I look in a book. I do my best to include emotions and suspense in my WIP. I want people to read my book and really feel what the characters are feeling. Or that element of wondering what is going to happen next, that suspenseful surprise.

If we grow bored of writing our stories I wonder if maybe a reader would feel the same way? Should we add some suspense and surprise? Or maybe the emotion just isn’t there. I think I will keep the above quote in mind when I become bored of my WIP.

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