Being Unplugged For A Day

22 Apr

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The feeling of not using my laptop or tablet for a whole day yesterday ( the 21st, Sunday ) was almost like someone took my coffee away. It is horrible, isn’t it? Could it really be internet addiction or maybe I just love the internet? I have written a blog post about Dependence/Addiction To The Internet, click here to read it —–> yep right here

I had told my kids and husband on Saturday night that I will be going “unplugged” on Sunday. I don’t think they had much faith in me. They said “Maybe you should bet money on it mom.” I think that is a sign I need to do unplugging more often. Of course telling them all that I wouldn’t use my tablet or any computer in the house made it so I would be held accountable ( there was a small level of regret for announcing it to everyone ). I honestly DO NOT spend every waking moment on the internet. I spend time with my kids and my husband everyday. In fact, in about an hour I will be spending time with my oldest daughter and my granddaughter :) .

My social media accounts and WordPress have become a habit or maybe it is just a routine. I have to write everyday, YES every single day. I can’t help myself, I have to write or connect with others through the internet. It is a need not a want anymore.

I am going to admit something, I did cheat a little, yes just a wee bit, and went on Facebook and I also sent out an email.

I still wrote yesterday however, my writing was done on index cards, recording my ideas before they were lost. My husband couldn’t understand and made jokes like, ” You just can’t stop working, can ya?” I tried so hard to explain to him that my short term memory is almost non existent, and he even knows my memory is a huge problem. Why does he say such things? He may be joking however, at times I can be sensitive.

Even though I had a  difficult time being unplugged there were moments where the thought of checking Twitter or other sites didn’t interest me. I plan on completely avoiding the Internet every Sunday. After a few weeks it will become routine I’m sure.


3 Responses to “Being Unplugged For A Day”

  1. amberskyef April 22, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

    I don’t even know if I have an addiction. I only need to use social media so I can connect with my audience in order to help in the marketing of my book–and the marketing of me. If I didn’t have to, I probably wouldn’t social media all that much. I’d probably use the time to write more than a chapter a day or go out for a walk or something. But when I am writing, I disconnect the internet so I’m not procrastinating. And when I’m not on the internet, I’m reading, painting, playing video games, being with my fiancé, and I’m picking up other hobbies too that can keep my excessive desire to keep doing something under control. Oh, and I also have a part-time job. Sometimes I proofread when there are lulls in my job. My therapist tells me I need down time, but that’s sort of hard…

    • Kristy J. W. April 22, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

      I also do other things besides being on the internet. However, being unplugged opened my eyes. I too rarely have downtime, I always need to be doing something. Thank you for commenting and following my blog. After I do some other things I will read some posts on yours.


  1. Being Unplugged For A Day | Libatech - April 22, 2013

    […] Being Unplugged For A Day. […]

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