Understanding And Support Of Future Goals

23 Apr
Path to take to get to the end result.

Path to take to get to the end result.

What do you do when your spouse/partner/friend does not understand or support your endeavors? Whether it is writing a book, blogging or even trying to start up a small business.

I write a lot, I spend on average 4-7 hours a day writing either for my blog or my WIP’s. My spouse believes if it doesn’t make you money why bother. I am the total opposite, I work hard and I know in the end I will have something to show for all the work I have done. Honestly, at one point in the recent past I started thinking like him. I started to think, what’s the point? But that was short lived, I decided I won’t let anyone stand in my way of accomplishing my goals. I really don’t care who they are, if they want to stand in my way of what I am trying to do I will shove them aside and keep going. I can picture it in my mind, me pushing the spouse aside and telling him to stick a cork in it. Even though I refuse to let him or anyone else for that matter bring me down it still agitates me that those who profess their love can do something such as that.

The green eyed monster. Jealousy and envy.

The green eyed monster. Jealousy and envy.

If someone loves you don’t you think they should try to understand what and why? Or do their best to support what you are doing?
I strongly believe that if someone gets in the way of your dreams and goals they are secretly jealous. There is no way my spouse could be a writer, he admitted it to me several times. But maybe there is some jealousy there. Maybe he wishes he could write a book. I will never know the real truth, jealousy is not something he would openly admit. Almost any human being has issues admitting they are jealous of someone else. Jokingly maybe but not seriously.

Blogging and working on my books do not make me a single penny right now. However,  I am on medical leave so I am not earning money anyway. I might as well do something productive with my time instead of laying around feeling sorry for myself. Part of my healing process includes doing things I love, writing is something I absolutely love doing.

Everything we do are small goals to reach the end goal. For example, going to kindergarten, then first grade and so forth then it is college. Each school year completed is a small goal that will lead to the next. I also know what I am doing, I am taking certain steps to reach my ultimate goal. Taking steps to achieve my ultimate goal is another thing the spouse doesn’t understand. I explain what I am doing and why however it goes in one ear and out the other.

If you are experiencing lack of support and understanding from your spouse or loved ones just remember to keep going. You know what you are doing and you know what is best for you.

Photo credit: VinothChandar / Foter.com / CC BY  The Wooded Path

Photo credit: darkmatter / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND   The Green-Eyed-Monster


2 Responses to “Understanding And Support Of Future Goals”

  1. lulubelle7537 April 23, 2013 at 4:50 pm #

    I loved this! This post reminds me of myself, and my relationship with my husband, from whom I have been seperated for almost a year. He is just like your husband, and I love it that you are just like me! I write about 6-8 hours every single day–I recently started a freelance writing business and got a business license as well as had business cards made. I have a total of four blogs (plus two on Tumblr but I don’t count those) and I post on Hub Pages (you might want to try them out, if you are a serious writer like I am (it sounds like it!) you would absolutely love Hub Pages http://www.hubpages.com. I just posted my first hub last week and then my second the next day–I’m so thrilled because both of the hubs have been featured on th site! You seem to write very similar to me as well. I would love to talk to you more–my email is lulubelle7537@yahoo.com and on Hub Pages that’s my user name-I’m not trying to promote my blogs/hubs at all I just think if you’re like me you’ll very much enjoy writing for them– you get paid for your articles too, advertisements go on your hub posts but beyond that I’m not sure how payment works. Check it out! I look forward to more of your wonderful blog posts!

  2. Kristy J. W. April 23, 2013 at 5:12 pm #

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post and commenting :). Oh and thank you for following my blog. I read some posts on your blog, I really enjoyed reading them and I also commented on one of your posts.
    I also have three blogs, two of which I post on frequently. I also have a YA fantasy book I am writing and a couple children’s stories. It is all time consuming but I love it!
    I did set up an account on HubPages but I haven’t written any hubs yet lol. My main focus is working on my books and blogs at the moment ( I get easily overwhelmed if I try to do too much ).
    And yes I am a serious writer! It has really become an addiction almost. I feel withdrawals if I go a day without writing something ( Ok that is a little extreme but I am sure you know what I mean ).
    If you’d like you can email me at krisdw76@gmail.com.
    Have a fantastic day!

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