Interview With Author Robert Enders

7 May
Head shot of author Robert Enders

Author Robert Enders

Here is the interview I promised you all! I would like to introduce you to a self published author Robert Enders who wrote “Wasted Life” in 2011. I was also going to include a review of his book however I didn’t get the chance to read all of it. I have read about 10 pages and so far it is fantastic! Very well written. He did include a prologue which many may consider a no-no but maybe he doesn’t want to play by the rules which is perfectly ok in my mind. If you would like to buy his novella, (just $.99) go to or by clicking Kindle e-book. or Barnes and Noble e-book.

I plan on doing a review of his book by the end of this week, shooting for Wednesday or Thursday.

Can you tell me a bit about your book “Wasted Life”?

Robert: It’s a novella, about 100 pages long. I felt that it was too short to publish as a paper book so it is only available in digital format.

“Wasted Life” is about a woman who wants to kill herself. But she decides she wants to give her organs away, so she makes a video announcing her intentions. She goes into hiding to avoid being sent to a psychiatric ward. A friend tries to talk her out of it via text messaging.

Was it a long process to self publish your book? Was it challenging to self publish?

Robert:  Not really. When I completed the manuscript, I just uploaded it to Amazon’s and Barnes+Nobles’ epublishing sites. Later, I paid someone $20 to format it for Smashwords.

Me: Sounds really easy!

Do you plan on self publishing your next book? If yes, why? If not, why?

Robert: For my next book, I want to go through a publisher so that my novel reaches more people. I pretty much had to self-publish Wasted Life. It’s hard to find a market for a novella, because it’s too long for a lit mag and too short to be its own volume. But it was too good to throw out, and some people did enjoy reading it.

Do you have any particular writing routines or rituals? If so, Why?

Robert: Sometimes I drink coffee to stay alert. I play MP3’s on my computer or even CD’s on my CD player for atmosphere.

Do you have to write in complete quiet or in a certain area?

Robert: My computer tower isn’t very mobile. It sits on an old particle board desk in the living room, and that’s where I write. I have a couple old laptops, but their batteries won’t hold a charge. I can only use them in places like Starbucks where I have permission to use the power outlets.

Can you give some information about your next book like just a short description?

Robert: Two lovers find themselves divided by an intergalactic war. It’s a space opera that I should have finished by later this year.

Me: Sounds good, I will definitely be purchasing a copy. I enjoy writing and reading fantasy/sci-fi books.

If an aspiring writer were to ask you for advice what would you say?

Robert: Decide whether you want to write as a hobby or a career. You can always change you mind about that later. If it’s just a hobby for you, then you have that much more freedom to write about whatever you want. If you want a career at it, you’ll have to research the markets. Figure out who is actually going to give you money for what you have written. It’s highly unlikely that you will make enough money writing to live on right after you graduate from school. You’ll need a job or family to sponge off of.

Expect that the first 10 to 100 story ideas that you work on will be just practice. You’ll get stuck on some and you won’t finish them. The lit mag will send you a form rejection letter after you send some in. And you might self-publish them on Smashwords and keep seeing “0” for your monthly sales totals. Don’t let that stop you if writing is something you really want to do. Recognize that there is a lot of competition in this field, especially now that almost everybody has a computer these days.

The hardest part about following your dreams is that you have to abandon some dreams to follow others. Nobody can be an NFL quarterback, an astronaut, and a rock star in the same lifetime. But a writing career is flexible enough that you can  squeeze it in with other dreams. You’ll have to keep at it though, making time to write or at least take notes every day. Real life might get in the way, but you have to adjust.

Me: That is really good advice for a novice writer. I will be keeping all that in mind too. Even writers who have published a few books already can use that advice.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? Inspiration?

Robert:  I started trying to write fiction in middle school. I would read books, and think “Hell, I could come up with something like that.”  I can’t even remember all the stories that I started but never got around to finishing. I would write a few paragraphs or a few pages, then something even more interesting would occur to me. Then I would want to write about that instead, and I’d never get around to finishing the previous story. After about 12 years of trying, I finally finished a short story in 2004, and another in 2005. Both of these were rejected by publishers. I worked on “Wasted Life” off and on for a year and a half.

Me: So inspiring! I find it quite inspirational that you keep writing even though you got rejected.

He also has a blog Rivertown! , there is a plethora of hand drawn cartoons which I found humorous.


2 Responses to “Interview With Author Robert Enders”

  1. Gloria May 7, 2013 at 11:37 pm #

    Really enjoyed reading this!

    • Kristy J. W. May 8, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

      Thanks for comment! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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