Obstacles And Death

28 May

Such a lovely start to the day today. Got to sleep in, pain level was semi low when I woke and hubby made me coffee.

I had high hopes that my week will start of with less stressful events. I felt much optimism this morning, made me smile.

I picked up my tablet late this morning and I told my 16 year old daughter that it is time to write. I had several ideas in my head flowing almost seamlessly, I had to take advantage of it. Even though it was Memorial Day I just had to work on my book. I hardly ever take a whole day off from writing except for those times where I have a horrible case of writers block.

I wanted to check out FaceBook for a few minutes before I started writing. Saw nothing too unusual, I kept scrolling and then I saw statuses by friends about someone who died. I didn’t think anything of it until I decided to message one of those friends.

I asked who died, response was “OMG”. I felt my heart pound and asked what??? Then she typed the name. I sat for a moment and I was in complete shock.

I was sitting alone in my backyard when this happened. I started sobbing, I didn’t care that a group of people were also in their backyard a couple houses away. As the group played ball and laughed I was shaking and crying. I went to the back door and yelled for my kids. They hugged me and asked what happened, I told them and they too were in shock.

Death is hard for me to handle, especially when a young person (she was only in her 20’s) dies of an avoidable cause. I feel such sadness and my heart hurts. Only thing I have written is this post. Life events have really been a huge writing obstacle for me lately along with writers block.

The way I see it it is more important to mourn for my friend today than to work on my book. She was my priority, to remember her and to grieve. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to write, maybe I will need to mourn another day.

Take care bloggers!


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