Finding Inspiration

16 Jun

Have you ever been stuck when writing a certain scene? It isn’t necessarily writers block, it is more like just not being able to get into detail about a scene.

I have recently discovered there really is inspiration everywhere. I had to really tune into my surroundings with most of my senses. Sight, sound and smells.

Some examples:

~~~ Neighbors a block away were having a karaoke party in their garage. Everyone could hear their not so good singing. This went on for close to 6 hours. Instead of letting it bother me I started thinking about my WIP and how I could use that horrible singing as a scene.

andrew prickett / / CC BY-ND

~~~ While fishing in a very remote location (with my hubby and brother in law) the small fish kept stealing my worm. I got annoyed after about four times of the thievery so I just sat in my blue fold up chair and enjoyed the quiet. I looked at the small waves in the water and the several groupings of cattails along the shore and I got an idea. Good thing I brought my cellphone because I had to get my idea recorded before they were forgotten.

balt-arts / / CC BY

~~~ Images on Pinterest have given me a lot of ideas. Castles, magical/fantasy beings and even photos of rooms inside homes. Those images would spark one idea then another would soon follow.

~~~ My emotions such as sadness, happiness and anger help to get some scenes written. My main character becomes more real. Like I have seen several times while reading writing advice/how to is that we pour ourselves into our books and become one with our characters. It is so very true! When we really tune into how we are feeling or if we dig deep into our memories we can find some fantastic ideas.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Photo credit: andrew prickett / / CC BY-ND
Photo credit: balt-arts / / CC BY


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